Meet Our Team

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Forward-Looking.

Dedicated to outstanding customer service, the team at Dobson & Toncic are among the most trusted insurance experts in the industry. Individually, our professionals are highly-qualified in their specific areas of expertise. Together they work as a cross-disciplinary team that can address virtually any challenge you face in the employee benefits, wealth management and personal insurance areas, including:

  • Development of tailored employee and group benefits plans
  • Group retirement solutions to meet the needs of your business
  • Wealth management consultation and financial guidance
  • Personal insurance services

Our Team Members

Lino Toncic

Lino Toncic


MBA Partner

With over 20 years of experience in the Insurance and Investment Industry, Lino is dedicated to working with each of his clients to develop a personalized plan that is both manageable and achievable. Lino’s longstanding relationships with his clients are a testament to his level of service and dedication.

Aileen Walton

Aileen Walton

B. Comm Senior Account Executive,

Employee Benefits Specialist

With over 25 years in the field of employee benefits, Aileen’s experience includes working for a major insurance company and large consulting firm. With her sound technical knowledge and industry expertise, Aileen is involved with the sales and servicing of mid to large size group clients focusing on long-term cost controls and plan affordability.

Tisha Slater Hoey

Tisha Slater-Hoey

RHU, GBA Account Executive,

Employee Benefits Specialist

Tisha, a former business owner with 15 of years’ experience, is fully conversant in all aspects of running a business: forecasting, budgeting and transitioning. Tisha’s strength is her ability to develop benefit plans that help her clients achieve their goals. She’s been in their position and understands their needs for individual and group insurance plans that are sustainable.

Domenic Talotta

Domenic Talotta

BA Senior Account Executive,

Personal Insurance and Investment Specialist

Domenic has been at Dobson & Toncic for over 20 years. During that time Domenic has built a thriving practice in the Personal Insurance & Investment area. Domenic’s strength is his ability to relate to his clients and ensure that their goals are realized. The longevity of his relationships is a testament to the trust his clients have in him.

Odette Baker

Odette Baker

BA Hons Manager,

Office Administration

Odette has over 20 years of international business experience and focuses on providing optimal service for clients and employees alike. The satisfaction of our clients and the tenure of our employees are a reflection of our client service staff.

Oscar Francis


Senior Account Executive

Oscar began his professional career in Investment Management over 20 years ago working as a Consultant to both Financial Advisors who service individual wealth clients as well as Financial Planners who specialize in Group Benefits and Savings plans. Oscar joined the Dobson and Toncic Team 5 years ago to help manage and consult on the Group Retirement and Benefits plans that Dobson & Toncic provides advisory services for. As a result of his experience on both sides of the business working for both large insurers and banks as well as smaller boutique Investment Management firms, and now as an Advisor, Oscar has a unique vantage point to share valuable insight both from a Group perspective as well as from an individual member standpoint while recognizing that great service should be the top priority.