Employee Benefits

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For The Benefit Of Your Business

For all businesses, large and small, an effective and comprehensive employee benefits program is of critical importance. It means you can attract and retain the best employees, the life blood of your success.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Plans Tailored to Your Organization

As highly-knowledgeable and trusted experts in retirement plans, group life insurance, group healthcare and group disability insurance, Dobson & Toncic is a leading provider of employee benefit programs that are customized to each of our clients’ needs. Through consultation and ongoing service our team continuously works with our clients to adjust and tailor your plan to ensure your objectives are achieved.

At Dobson & Toncic, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve as market forces and regulations change, to ensure you are optimizing opportunities –  now and into the future.

Our Employee Benefit Programs include:

  • Group Retirement Plans
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Healthcare
  • Group Disability Insurance